Our Story

We are women who are passionate about discovering the deep truths of God--who He is, how He works, and how we can know and love Him better.  Our desire, as we explore those deep waters, is to share what we have learned so that others can engage with God in a richer, more impactful way.  We believe that knowing God deeply will lead to actions that change the world for the better.  We live in anticipation of seeing how He will work in us, through us, and in the world around us.

Meet the Writers


Sarah Anne


Sarah Anne is a writer, mom, wife, homemaker, and thinker.  She spends her days homeschooling her children, experimenting in the kitchen, digging in her garden, and reading from the piles of books that keep threatening to take over her house.  She is passionate about good coffee, creating a beautiful home, and growing in God's wisdom.




Sarah currently lives and studies in Los Angeles, pursuing a degree in spiritual formation.  She is inspired by those in her life who have compassionately journeyed with her, and she hopes to continue learning the art of fully being with another person.  When she’s not studying, Sarah can be found seeking out the green spaces in LA, drinking too much coffee, and snuggling with her two cats.




Kate D. is a wife and mom and serves as an elder at her church.  She loves to write, laugh at the antics of her two boys, and read good books in the company of a chai latte.  She enjoys playing golf and makes the best tacos east of California.  She lives in Iowa, where she wrestles with the conundrum of whether corn counts as a vegetable or a grain.

Journey with us...

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